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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Many wine enthusiasts are now interested in constructing their own home wine cellars. Thanks to the wide variety of available materials and accessories, it really isn't difficult. However, you need to be sure that you use a proper wine cellar design, in order to ensure that your wine is being stored properly. As wine is stored, you need to control that aging process by storing your wine in a suitably designed place.

Everyone has different needs and budgets for their own wine collection, and there are some wine enthusiasts who have very elaborate "wine rooms" designed in their homes. They have the full refrigeration, and a large amount of extra accessories such as wine tasting tables, racks and other accessories. And, there are also those who are just as dedicated to their love for wine, that have simple rooms designed to store their wine, without all the extras.

The type of wine storage that you need is also going to be dependent on the kind of wine that you have in your collection. Wine storage doesn't necessarily need to be underground - it can be anywhere in your residence provided you follow some basic key factors that you need to consider. Your storage area needs to be somewhere that you are able to keep the wine bottles dry and cool. The ideal temperature is between 50 F and 56 F, and the temperature needs to remain constant with no drastic or sudden changes. Too much heat can damage wine. You also need to keep the wine somewhere that it won't be subjected to too much noise or vibration.

Custom wine storage solutions can be very expensive - and out of reach for many people. However, thanks to the internet, everyone has access to some great material and equipment needed to build their own home wine cellars. You can find some great kits available at affordable prices, as well as guides that show you how to go about your own wine cellar design - and having a great one is a must for the wine enthusiast who wants to take their love for wine to the next level.

By Amy Sloane

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1 Comment:

Candice said...

We've been thinking about upgrading our wine storage for years now, and finally found a potential custom wine cellar! We were offered a free cellar design and, after some modifications I think we're going for it!

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