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Friday, November 7, 2008

If you love wine but hate going to the wine store, you may want to consider joining a wine club. This is also great if you're a novice wine drinker, because along with the monthly (or weekly, depending on the club you join) shipments of wine you also get information about the bottles you're receiving.

There are different types of wine clubs to suit your preferences. For example, if you like Pinot noir more than Pinot grigio you can join a club that will only send you the former and never the latter. Moreover, if you prefer Italian wine to its Napa Valley counterpart you can join an Italian exclusive club.

Another advantage to joining a wine club is that in many cases the wine comes at a discount. You'll get the wine at a fraction of the price that you'd be able to buy it in stores. In some instances, the discount is as much as 20 percent. In almost every case, the discount more than makes up for the taxes and shipping costs incurred.

In addition to the price advantages, the selection that gets sent to you is a larger one than you would be able to find in most local stores. When you join a wine club, you leech off of the expertise of the people who run it. Instead of scouring snobby wine magazines for a good bottle or two, you can rely on the people who make their living off of finding good wine.

There is a disadvantage to becoming a member of a wine club, however. Some clubs will automatically renew your membership, charging your bank account for the wine even though you don't want any more. This is the only disadvantage to be found, and to be honest it's not something that every wine club does.

By Jennifer Waite

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1 Comment:

TimJohnson said...

IRON CHEF Launches Wine Collection

I picked up this press release from a website. Is it true? If so Very, Very Cool!

Iron Chef™ Launches Their Wine Collection

November 5, 2008

It takes a special culinary master to achieve the title of IRON CHEF ™ such is true with wine. We introduce to you the IRON CHEF Collection.

Bardonia N.Y. - In partnership with Fuji Television Inc. and Mirrotek International, the official licensing agent, it is with great pride to announce that Italian Wine Growers Inc. has been selected to produce and market the IRON CHEF™ brand for wine in the United States.

The title of “Iron Chef” is the most recognized name in the culinary industry and is the number one rated show on the Food Network in the United States and Canada with over 15 million viewers. The show pits the top chefs from around the world in a culinary battle in an attempt to beat a coveted Iron Chef.

Upon the initial launch the Iron Chef ™ Collection will include: Estate Bottled Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Chianti. The most notable of this selection will be the classic “unoaked” Chardonnay.

Choosing the vineyards was a very selective process, with the ultimate criteria being estate-bottled wines for the anticipated volume commitment. Kevin Francis, CFO of Italian Wines Growers Inc., stated, "We are thrilled to be a part of this powerful brand name and will ensure that the integrity of the brand will be upheld".

Francis proceeded to explain that Italian Wine Growers Inc. is unique compared to other importers because the vineyards have an actual stake in U.S. operations. From our inception, Italian Wine Growers understood that the integrity of the product was first and foremost and having the vineyards involved ensures this. Our president, Giovanni Bucchieri, divides his time equally between Italy and the United States to oversee operations.

One of the vineyards involved in this venture is Cormons, which is most notably known worldwide
for producing "Vino Della Pace" (Wines of Peace). The Wines of Peace are unique wines that are given out to the Top 80 global heads of state annually. The designated region for the Vino Della Pace is north of Venice. They began harvesting this crop in 1986 and have vines from over 180 countries, making this wine the most unique in the world and a symbol of global unity.

Shipments of the IRON CHEF™ Collection will be arriving in the United States shortly.

Italian wine Growers has also added to its team Jeffrey Levi, who is a 20-year veteran in the food and beverage industry, to handle all the marketing and public relations of this powerful brand.

For additional information contact us at or 914 937 6079.

Iron Chef is a registered trademark of Fuji Television Inc.

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