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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Italian red wine is known for its pleasantly tart taste and offers a traditionally different from the red wines produced in other parts of the world. Traditional Italian Red Wine is regarded as a perfect drink during a meal due to it is bitter taste that accompanies, but doesn't overpower, the food. But if you want a wine that can be sipped during a meeting or as a simple past time then you would have to find a sweeter Italian red wine, off which plenty exist.

Each Italian red wine is normally named after the region from which it is produced. Piedmont Red wines, produced in the North of Italy, are one of the more prominent wines produced in Italy. Barolo wines, which are full bodied and heavy wines, are the standard barer and the most well known style of wine coming from the Piedmont region. Barolo and Barbaresco wines (Barbaresco being a lighter Barolo) both are from the same grape, the Nebbiolo, but are aged differently. Italian red wines are produced from different specific regions of Italy and they are very much dependent on the climatic conditions of the region. Therefore while you can plant the same grape in a different region, the wine produced may be completely different.

The west-central region of Tuscany in Italy produces some intrepid and bold varieties of Italian red wine. The steep hills and occasionally harsh climate in the region give the Tuscan soil a unique composition, and this factor gets transformed into the taste of the wines produced in Tuscany. Tuscan wine producers of this region are also very skilled in producing unique and individual Italian red wine, so much so that not only are the mesoclimates of the vineyards a factor, but also the year the wine is produced, with prices varying year by year. Some years the Tuscan wine producers have concocted some fantastic Italian red wine, and there are some sought after vintages.

The wine producers of a variety of different regions of Italy have embraced modern techniques in the production of Italian red wine. However, some manufacturers are closely following traditional methods of wine production, believing that those wines produced by simple methods mean great tasting wine. What are we to know? However, what we do know is that there are plenty of great tasting Italian red wines out there, perfect for every occasion!

By Andrew Roberts

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