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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wine is to be savored and enjoyed, appreciated for its bouquet, for its flavor, and for the art and science that went into creating it. Oenophiles are those who treasure fine wines, and who, more often than not, delight in sharing their passion with family members, friends, and colleagues. If you have a wine lover on your gift list, he or she is sure to value unique wine gifts. Here are five suggestions to ensure that your next gift will be appreciated and enjoyed.

1. Wine Racks - Not every wine lover has his or her own wine cellar, and even those who do would appreciate a beautiful wine rack. Today's wine racks add to the decor of a home, and range from sleek minimalist styles to ornate wrought iron designs. Some racks are even modular and expandable, able to hold many bottles and assume a variety of shapes.

2. Corkscrews - Although it's likely that the oenophile on your gift list has more than one corkscrew, most wine lovers enjoy collecting corkscrews almost as much as they enjoy collecting wine. A wine opener set makes a wonderful gift, and can include a rabbit corkscrew, a foil cutter, and an extra worm. Some deluxe sets can include stainless steel bottle stoppers, a drip ring, a wine thermometer, and a stainless steel pourer.

3. Wine Decanters - For the person who enjoys red wine, decanting is a must. Pouring wine into a decanter serves to both separate wine from sediment and stimulate the wine to release its aroma. Plus, the beauty of decanters adds to the aesthetic enjoyment of the wine. Although traditional crystal decanters contain lead, today decanters can be hand-blown from mineral deposits that are free of impurities, and the resulting product can be lead-free.

4. Wine & Picnic Baskets - A picnic is the perfect setting to enjoy wine - and maybe even a little romance. From picnic coolers on wheels to wine and cheese coolers that look like soft-sided briefcases to wine backpacks, there are a wide variety of wine & picnic baskets that would please the most discriminating wine connoisseur on your gift list.

5. Wine Accessories - There are any number of wine accessories that would appeal to the wine lover on your gift list, including cork popper low-pressure propellants, wine savers that extract air from bottles and re-seal them, and decanting wine funnels. One whimsical wine accessory that makes the perfect gift is a set of wine glass charms. Available in a variety of themes, such as Hawaiian, new baby, golf, wedding, and travel, these "wine signs" are used to designate which glass belongs to which guest at a party.

Finding unique wine gifts isn't difficult; there are online sources that are family owned and operated, and that pride themselves on their selection, their customer service, and their commitment to giving back to causes in which they believe.

By Chris Robertson

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Ryan said...

Great listing of these unique wine gifts... These are really best for wine lovers...

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