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Friday, November 14, 2008

The European lifestyle has been a fascination of mine since I started studying wine a few years ago. Through my wine studies I've not only learned about vine growing and wine making, I've learned about cultures and traditions, all of which I share in my wine lectures and through teaching others about wine. One of the major things that I have learned is that the European lifestyle is easy-going and filled with only the best of things that life has to offer, which includes great wine paired with great food paired with family and friends. I don't think that life gets much better than that. This sort of European prioritizing got me thinking about how we can incorporate that lifestyle into our everyday lives. Here are a few more things I have learned:

* Wine is not just a beverage it's an experience and an expression of a place. So the next time you have a glass of wine think of it as a mini vacation to that wine region. That wine is the full expression of the region it comes from.

* Pair your favorite foods with your favorite wines. When thinking about the foods that you like, and the meals you're planning, think also about what wines you would have with them. Fortunately this requires a lot of wine tastings of wines from various regions. Wine and food go hand and hand.

* Make every meal with family and friends a celebration. There no time like meal time to experience closeness with your family.

* Eat your meals on beautiful tableware. Imagine having each glorious meal on beautiful plates. This only enhances your food and wine experience.

* Only eat and drink and buy what you absolutely love. You deserve only the best in your life, that includes only the best foods, the best wines, and surrounding yourself with things that, when you look at them, bring a smile to your face.

* Have passion in your heart for everything that you do. If you love what you do it shows and that resonates with every person you come in contant with.

* Work to live and not live to work.

These are just a few things that I have learned and have incorporated into my life and will continue to share though my company, The European Wine Table.

The European Wine Table motto is, "Food, wine, family & friends......what would be better?"


By Jacqueline Chambliss

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