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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

French Wine

Whenever wine is the subject, we often think of where it was popularized. Study their names – from the Champagne to the tongue twisting name Beaujolais up to the very romantic names -- Bordeaux and Burgundy. Where do you think wines were popularized -- France, of course.

Wine, in the old times of France, was made by the peasants for their own consumption. This explains why the French produce and sell some of the best wine vintages in the world. Unlike New World wines that label their products as to what grape variants they've used, Old World French wine is labeled with the location where it was made. By doing so, the French have inadvertently added a romantic note when buying their wine.

Many wine enthusiasts consider French wine as their drink of choice. Most buy different kinds of French wine, so that they may experience and compare differences on tastes, aroma and the wines texture.

With thirteen different regions having thousands of wine producing vineyards, wine enthusiasts are able to enjoy an almost limitless choice of quality French wines. It is said that France has the perfect geographical location for growing grapes, having the perfect soil conditions, and being in close proximity to bodies of water. Add this with the best climate -- a combination of cold winds and a relentless sun, the grapes produced under these conditions are very full bodied with very rich taste.

The availability of French wines range from the most common wine that can be found in retail locations to the more rare variants, which can only be bought by special orders. It is suggested that if you're looking for a rare vintage of French wine, try browsing through the Internet.

Although New World wines may prove to use the same methods and ingredients in making wine, and may produce wines that may taste like those made in France, many will say that this doesn’t matter, and nothing will ever match the romance given out by French wines.

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By Jimmy Sturo

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