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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am a lover of wine. Going on a trip to Napa is one of my favorite things in the world, and I love to bring home a couple of bottles from the wineries I visit. But once you get back to your home how should you store these precious bottles of wine? There are so many types of home wine racks out there. How do you go about finding the right one for you? Here is a simple guide to get you started.

Does Size Matter?

The first thing you should consider is how big of a wine rack are you looking for? How much wine are you looking to store, and how much space are you wanting to utilize for your wine rack? If you have a large home you may want to invest in larger wine rack furniture such as a buffet style rack, or a larger console style rack. However if you are staying in a smaller place there is nothing wrong with a hanging wine rack, or one that rests on your counter.

Style or Functionality

Home wine racks come in many different styles as well and careful consideration should be used in picking the one that is right for you. Do you want something with old world charm and class such as a nice metal wine rack with loops and curves, or perhaps you were wanting to go with something a little more functional like a sturdy wooden console with a built in refrigerating unit.

Whichever home wine rack you decide to go with make sure it is the right one for you and fits your personality perfectly. Good luck and drink responsibly.

By Eli Wagar-Kustermann

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