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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Use Wine Refrigerators To Keep Your Beverages In Prime Condition

It does not matter whether you have a large collection of wine or only a few bottles for the party. They can be kept under prime conditions with wine refrigerators. Nowadays they come with different varieties. Their capacities range from six to over 120 bottles. Wine coolers can can fit under a cabinet or on top of one another and with many choices in between.

Dual zone wine refrigerators

You have a new variety in wine coolers called "Dual zone wine refrigerators". They can be used to keep different bottles at different temperatures for storage or for drinking.

The great advantage of dual zone wine refrigerators is the ability to store different types of wines within the same unit. It is recommended that white wines be stored between 46 and 54 degrees and red wines at 54 to 64 degrees and in addition to offering optimum temperature control, wine refrigerators also maintain the proper humidity for wine storage.

What if you do not have space to create a wine cellar for storage?

Don't worry the solution for people like you is wine refrigerators. Most people in this situation can choose the small countertop units to keep their wines chilled and ready for drinking and even those brands that are best served at room temperature may require chilled storage to protect the integrity of the wine.

How to Protect Bottles From Shaking

Wine lovers care for their wine! Most wine lovers will treat their wines with respect. They are reluctant to shake them or allow vibrations to possibly change the taste of the wine. Most wine refrigerators brag about being vibration free with only a cooling fan moving the air to provide any motion.

Low Voltage Bulbs Vs LED's

(LED means Light Emitting Diode. Google for LED if you want to know more about it.) One more feature of some better wine refrigerators is the use of internal LED lighting to prevent uneven heating inside the unit. Even low wattage bulbs can change the temperature in a small enclosed space such as wine refrigerators, and the use of LED lights that do not emit any appreciable heat fluctuations help create a more stable environment in which to store even the most expensive vintage wines. It is however, recommended to minimize the number of times the cooler is opened to protect its valuable contents.

Wood Racks can allow better distribution of the cool air

Most wine refrigerators have wood racks on which the bottles can sit tilted slightly towards the opening end of the bottle that can allow better distribution of the cool air. Irrespective of the space available for wine refrigerators most of the tall and slender units that can hold up to a dozen bottles or larger commercial units with 120-bottle capacity can protect the wines from environmental hazards that can alter their taste and overall appeal. If you plan to buy a wine cooler take time and research in the internet or check with the customer service representative in your wine shop and buy a decent one. It should work properly even when it becomes old.

By Mark Robert

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